Mailing Lists for Media Professionals

We're always working to keep this list as comprehensive and accurate as possible. Please contact us at medianet@dymaxion.com with any additions or changes.

This list was conceived to bring together AMTEC members and others interested in the use of media and technology in education to share ideas and information. To subscribe, send message to: mailserv@camosun.bc.ca, subject: leave blank, in body of message: sub videonews <your last name, first name>.
A list for AV repair and service technicians. To subscribe, send message to: listserv@lists.psu.edu, subject: leave blank, in body of message: sub avtech-l <your last name, first name>.  
A great list for discussion of topics of interest to media center specialists. To subscribe to Media-L, send message to listserv@listserv.binghamton.edu, subscribe media-l <your firstname lastname>.
An electronic forum sponsored by the American Library Association Video Round Table, intended to encourage the broad and lively discussion of issues relating to the selection, evaluation, acquisition, bibliographic control, preservation, and use of current and evolving video formats in libraries and related institutions. Subscribe at: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/mailman/listinfo/videolib
A listserv dedicated to news about new and useful services and products relating to video collections and video collection management. Subscribe at: http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/mailman/listinfo/videonews


Information/News Summaries

EDUPAGE is a summary of news items on information technology. To subscribe, visit http://www.educause.edu/pub/edupage/edupage.html
Rapidly Changing Face of Technology
"The Harrow Technology Report" explores the innovations and trends of many contemporary and emerging technologies, and then draws some less than obvious connections between them, to help us each survive and prosper in the Knowledge Age.

"The Harrow Technology Report" is brought to you by Jeffrey R. Harrow, Principal of The Harrow Group. http://www.TheHarrowGroup.com .

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